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It's just not fair

I absolutely hate making my bed.

Sleeping in a made up bed is very wonderful, but it takes way too much effort.

It will also get messy the next day though, so it kind of defeats the purpose of putting effort into it.

I could just not make my bed and go to sleep anyhow.

It's a vicious cycle.

I explained this to a friend of mine.  He had a different view on it:

mATT (at school) says:
Make that shit in the morning
Becca says:
It's a vicious cycle
mATT (at school) says:
Then you come home to a wonderful bed
mATT (at school) says:
but yes; it is vicious
Becca says:
but.. it'll get messy 
mATT (at school) says:
Yeah but you'll eventually die but that doesn't mean you shouldn't live

Needless to say, I am posting this from a nice neat bed. Maybe I'll even make my bed in the morning too.
Also, the new Smothered in Hugs album is fantastic. Here's a clip!

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