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Oh Nanny, you are funny.

 My Nanny messaged me again on MSN.

   Dorothy    says:
 HI  BECCA  its  Nanny  here  WHAT  R  U  DOING
Becca says:
 Hi Nanny. I got home from work!
 How are you?
   Dorothy    says:
Becca says:
 Ah, I don't think I'll be able to come for a visit today. I am exhausted, and the hockey game is on!
 Are you watching hockey?
   Dorothy    says:
  n o  i  do  not  iwatch  the  stupid  game  shows  when  you  have  some  free  time  we  must  get  together  4  something  to  eat  
Becca says:
 Yeah. I got an email from you the other day! I didn't have time to write back since I was working.
 I'll give you a call sometime this week, and maybe we could go for dinner.   
   Dorothy    says:
 nanny  will  sign  off  &  let  u  watch  the  game  bye

You can't see it now, but this conversation was full of emoticons and smileys.

My Nanny rules.

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