Fortune Cookies and Center Justification!

So I bought a bag of fortune cookies on Thursday from the Bulk Barn. I must say, adding "in bed" to the end of fortunes never ceases to amuse me. Here's a few I've gotten this weekend.

"Your hard work will soon pay off in bed."
"You will soon discover something wonderful about yourself in bed."
"You are compassionate and understanding in bed."
"You will be doing something new at work in bed"

And my personal favorite

"You can't ride in all directions at once in bed."

I actually got that last one twice. Fortune cookies are good times. Egg rolls would be really good right about now. 6:30am eggrolls? Yes plz.
I make the worst and most pointless posts ever.

Why am I still up?
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Hahaha. Oh my God.

 I have been absolutely CRACKING UP at this for a good ten or fifteen minutes now.

My sides hurt and my eyes are watering.
This is awesome.
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Adventures in Belfast.

On Saturday, I was in Belfast at the rink waiting around until my game started. There were a couple kids who were maybe 5 or 6, and they had PEI dirt shirts on that went to their knees, and these baggy windpants. They were trying to throw a hacky sack past each other just as a game. I was watching for a second, and their dad saw me and looked at my coat. The sleeve says goalie on it, so he was like"You're a goalie! Hey guys, she's a real goalie! maybe she'll play with you guys!".
It was a pretty odd, but I couldn't just say no to these kids. (They both had mushroom cuts. They were like Dennis the Menaces) So i played hacky sack goalieing for awhile with them, but I had to go warm up. Before I left, the dad was like "Oh wait! Lets get a picture! What's your name?" and I was like, "uhh.. Becca". So I kneeled down and these two kids were just squeezing me in a hug, and the dad took a couple pictures. They were from Halifax.

It was so weird.

I wish I had someone to rub my back.
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Survery at the TOP? Random. Oh yes.

Things are going well. Work is alright now. I got paid today. almost 500 dollars for 7 days. It`s pretty decent

Last weekend was a blast. Friday we went to St Dominque which is a road and there`s been concerts going on there. Saturday we went to Village Des Vacances which was a huge waterpark. It was such a blast. I loved it. That evening, we went into old quebec and went onto a ghost tour. It was really quite fun. the stories were creepy. 
The rest of the night consisted of walking around old quebec, up a very long road, to get to the bus so we could eat dinner. Around 1am, we finally stopped at macdonalds. It had been a long while since I last ate macdonalds.I was starving though.

We stayed at this gross ass dorm at Laval for the night and 4 of us piled into Hailey`s one person room which was very squooshed. an interesting night for sure. 

I`ve been meaning to post pictures but every time i do, the computer starts freezing up half way though. Pictures shall be posted sometime in the near future.

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Picture Post!

Wow, It is ever so hot outside. I have to eat dinner soon but just a quick update and maybe some pictures.

-I`m learning to like my job. it`s getting easier to understand the little kids. a bunch of them kept colouring sheets and giving them to me. I have about 9 of them on my desk right now.
-I love my neighborhood. It`s so cozy. Kylea and I went for a walk last night and saw some sketchy people, some soccer, some gargoyles and some trains. A fun evening indeed
-My family is still great and I have no trouble understanding them. I`m having a blast here.
And now, pictures!

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I have to go eat but there shall be more pictures to come!

Ttyl :)

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Hon Hon Hon

Finally got to Jonquiere and I absolutely love it. My family is great. I have two siblings who are 12 and 17, which is pretty decent. The house is pretty nice. I don`t have to share a room which is good, haha. I also have internet access and a pool, so i`m pretty content.

The train ride here was... long haha. I barely slept any of it but I met some wicked people from PEI and around the maritimes. After getting off the train this morning  around 6, it ended up that we had to take a school bus for another like 4 hours. ergh. I curled up in my sleeping bag and layed on the seat most of the time.

I start work Monday, which`ll go alright I hope. I don`t really have a problem understanding my family but little french kids scream and speak fast. I guess it`ll be interesting.

I suppose i`ll be off. If I`m allowed putting my camera software on the computer, I shall be posting some pictures over the next 6 weeks. :) 

Au Revoir!!!
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